Econjobmarket Documentation

This site provides various kinds of documentation for All of the data on this site is available on Github as part of the econjobmarket collection.

Econjobmarket has an api which allows authorized recruiters to download their application information. This data can be fed into a local recruiting system, or used to develop a custom management system. This documentation can be browsed in the right sidebar.

There are a few code repositories in the econjobmarket collection on github.

  1. The instructions for re-diplaying ads from econjobmarket by following the Ad Display menu item on the right sidebar. Code to redisplay the open ads on econjobmarket (javascript) written by Shervin Tari.
  2. Download all your applications (php) requires an econjobmarket recruiter account for access and uses oauth 2 access tokens for access. Apart from some basic knowledge of oauth 2 and php, it assumes that you maintain your own mysql server. Documentation is provided in the Api Documents menu item in the right sidebar.

More code will be added as time permits.

If you see an issue with the documentation, please submit a bug report on github. If you have something to add to the documentation, you can fork the repo at then submit a pull or merge request.