Local Data

If you just want a copy of your data to put on a local computer (your laptop for example), but don''t want to use Drupal, you can do this as long as you have mysql installed by using scripts that are included with the drupal module. To get this software use

git clone https://github.com/econjobmarket/drupal_6_module

to get the druapl module.

Rename the passwords_from_install.php file to passwords.php, then edit the file to add you credentials for the ejm server and for your local machine, along with the database names.
After you have done this, run the command


This will create tables on your local mysql database in the database that you specify in the passwords.php file.

Then run


to add the data to your database.

You might have to make the scripts executable before you run them. You will also have to have php, and a mysql database installed on the computer where you are hoping to store the data. Of course, you also have to configure your database.

Once you have a local copy of the mysql database, you can play with it locally.