Drupal Module

Drupal is a widely used content management system. You can use it to control login when you view your econjobmarket data. At the time of writing, there is a drupal 6 module available which will allow you to view your data at econjobmarket. You can use this as a homemade application processing system if you don't have one. This section explains how to download the module and configure it.

When you enable the econjobmarket module in drupal 6, it will create a set of tables in your drupal database that will contain your application data (it will also uninstall these tables if you decide you don't want them). Once the module has been enabled, you can run a script (included in the module) which will fetch your data and put it into these tables. During recruiting season, you would typically want to run this script daily (or more often) to fetch any new data that has arrived in the interim.

Out of the box, the module will simply provide a list of applicants that you can browse. You can allow a subset of your drupal users to look at these applications. Once they have this permission, they can see not just the list, but also the answers the candidate provided to questions on your econjobmarket application form. They can read the files the candidate provided in response to requests for job market papers, etc. At that point they can also post comments and notes about the candidates on the website.

The module allows you to create your own rating system for candidates and assign responsibility for different files to different drupal users.

The module also provides a facility that allows you to sort the applications. Basically, you create a set of search terms and assign candidates to these terms. For example, if you ask for an applicant's gender on your application form, then you can create a search term to refer to 'male' and assign each applicant to this search term based on their response to this question. Once you have created these search terms, you can either have a secretary assign applications manually as they come in, or write your own script to assign candidates to search terms.

The module and download tools work best with mysql (or mariadb). The module isn't an official drupal module yet because it uses some mysql centric code.