Data Objects - Rest and Soap

This section documents the various data objects that are returned by these methods, and explains what they look like as php objects, xml and json. These pages should be used to create your filter once you have decided to transfer data either using ReST or SOAP.

The way you use the SOAP service typically depend on your client software. I'll illustrate how to make various requests in so using a client. So the data in the next section which describes the applications to my organization will use a call that look like this

$client -> call(getData,array(
                                         "username" => "my_username",
                                         "password" => "my_password",
                                         "database" => "my_database",
                                         "method" => "XML",

The corresponding request using ReST would just be an url that looks like this:

The documentation that follows will illustrate how to call the various functions using these methods.